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Since 1964, your one-stop source for two-way communications products and services.

Started in 1964, as “Electronic Specialists Company,” Viking Communications, Inc. has long served the Southeastern Wisconsin community.  While many other companies have either closed their doors or moved into other vertical markets, Viking Communications, Inc. has stuck to providing top notch products and services, strictly in the two-way radio marketplace.

Our long-standing commitment to, and focus on, the two-way radio industry has allowed us to be leaders in our chosen industry and provide the best two-way radio solutions to our customers.  We have integrated two-way radio communications into myriad customer owned security, access control or automation systems, increasing worker productivity and decreasing downtime.  Additionally, our service department has decades of combined experience in two-way radio, without having been diluted by other complimentary or competing technologies.

Our in-house service technicians fix many issues right here at our facility, saving our customers additional downtime by eliminating several days in the shipping and receiving process.  Latest-technology service equipment allows us to accurately and efficiently diagnose hardware issues and effect repairs efficiently.

One of the First in Wisconsin

Viking Communications, Inc. has been in the wide-area communications segment since the early 1980s, putting up one of the first trunked SMR two-way radio systems in Milwaukee.  Customers lease airtime and are able to use two-way radios virtually everywhere in the metro-Milwaukee area.

Recently, Viking Communications, Inc. has partnered with Diga-Talk to provide seamless two-way radio coverage virtually anywhere mobile device coverage exists in the USA.  Not to mention, the products we sell are largely exempt from so-called “cell phone” laws, prohibiting use while operating a motor vehicle.

Viking Communications, Inc. is the largest two-way radio dealer in Milwaukee County.  Not because that’s what we strove for, but because our customers vote with their pocketbooks and keep coming back for top-notch products and services.

We can help you communicate, our sales staff can work with you to discover your needs and how to best integrate two-way radio into your operation to save you money.