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Collective Intelligence

November 22nd, 2017 | vikingcomm

Today, we cover the term, “Collective Intelligence.”  Simply put, that means many minds sharing the same information.

Working in a team environment can become hindered once the meeting is over and everybody goes their separate ways.  Quick conversations or discussions can no longer easily take place between more than two people, much less an entire group.

Two-way radio is one way to implement Collective Intelligence.

Two-way radios allow as many users as practical to share a common venue for communications.  Everybody can talk to everybody else, instantly.  Imagine that value over a 250,000sqft factory, a 1,000,000sqft warehouse or across the county!

Instant communications to multiple persons is also a huge safety advantage.  Mass notifications can quickly disseminate through the use of two-way radio.

Worried about communications security?  Digital radios, now commonplace, come with advanced digital encryption which makes communications virtually impenetrable for most users.

Two way radio certainly does not replace cellular technologies, but used properly can effectively keep the team in constant communications – everybody.